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B & S Logistik GmbH is to remain a family firm

Lukas Leitgeb has joined the management as successor, confirming that B & S Logistik remains [...]


B & S Warehousing broadens the services offered by the B & S Logistics Group

By founding B & S Warehousing, with business premises in Schwanenstadt, Upper Austria, the B & S [...]


B & S Logistik GmbH offers complete solutions from a single source

For questions of individual transport, where you need a partner who can take care of the entire [...]


Giving blood  and saving lives as B&S Logistik team

Even during the year, as a team at  B&S Logistik, we continue trying to have a sustainable [...]


New patent design by B & S Logistik makes it possible to transport

B & S Logistik is one of Austria's leading logistics companies in the field of storage [...]


Wood pulp train from Czech Republic to Hungary – complete logistics package in four weeks

On October 12, 2018 our first wood pulp train set off from the middle of the Czech Republic to [...]


Transshipment of paper rolls 1.5 m in diameter and 1.8 tonnes via the Baltic

The handling and transport of paper rolls is one of our company's [ B& S Logistik's ] core [...]


First Vectron in B&S design

The first Vectron locomotive to carry the B&S logo design made its appearance on the rails [...]


B&S Logistiks' new block-train services are right on track!

In the middle of April we inaugurated the first private-sector operated lumber train service to [...]


B&S Logistics sets the signals for the future

Walter Leitgeb is preparing gradually for his withdrawal: Manuela Prenner, Gerhard Gattinger and [...]


Even faster: how we optimised a route

With the right partner you can easily achieve something new: since January 2018 our route for [...]


Right on track: Ten years of competence

Time to lean back? Only for a brief view in the reverse mirror: in October 2017, we could [...]

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What logistics mean to us

A truly successful logistics operation means that you, the customer, are not aware of it happening. And that is our guiding principle.

You receive your goods the way you want, where you want and when you want. You simply decide and we take care of the rest. No need to worry about any of that!

We view logistics as a complete package, providing a customer-friendly service with principles and values which together ensure the quality that defines our standard!

The best, not the simplest solution. We provide security and reliability at an optimum price. To achieve this, we willingly take detours that bring benefits to you.

The best team for each order. When selecting our partners, we are not bound by any standing contractual obligations. We look for the partners that best suit the order and the customer.

Keeping track of your goods. Remaining in constant contact with our chosen partners, we're able to track your goods. We can find a way around any block in the supply chain!

Dealing with problem areas. Effective and efficient supply chain management is our guarantee. However, people can make mistakes. To minimise any disruption, we work hard to prevent errors and simplify processes as far as possible.

Pre-completed consignment notes make work easier for carriers. As a result, instead of innumerable details only the weight and wagon numbers have to be filled in.

Advice with loading. To ensure safety during loading, the consignor has to comply with complex guidelines. We provide a proper advice service.

Round-the-clock commitment. Efficient project management requires the ability to react to unexpected events. Our team's know-how, flexibility and willingness to get the job done is there on a round-the-clock basis.

Green logistics as a business principle. Over 95% of our shipments are conveyed via environmentally-friendly transport carriers, such as rail and river. Since the very beginning, green logistics has been one of our guiding principles. We also take sustainability seriously within our company, for instance, by largely dispensing with company cars.