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B & S Logistik GmbH is to remain a family firm

Lukas Leitgeb has joined the management as successor, confirming that B & S Logistik remains [...]


B & S Warehousing broadens the services offered by the B & S Logistics Group

By founding B & S Warehousing, with business premises in Schwanenstadt, Upper Austria, the B & S [...]


B & S Logistik GmbH offers complete solutions from a single source

For questions of individual transport, where you need a partner who can take care of the entire [...]


Giving blood  and saving lives as B&S Logistik team

Even during the year, as a team at  B&S Logistik, we continue trying to have a sustainable [...]


New patent design by B & S Logistik makes it possible to transport

B & S Logistik is one of Austria's leading logistics companies in the field of storage [...]


Wood pulp train from Czech Republic to Hungary – complete logistics package in four weeks

On October 12, 2018 our first wood pulp train set off from the middle of the Czech Republic to [...]


Transshipment of paper rolls 1.5 m in diameter and 1.8 tonnes via the Baltic

The handling and transport of paper rolls is one of our company's [ B& S Logistik's ] core [...]


First Vectron in B&S design

The first Vectron locomotive to carry the B&S logo design made its appearance on the rails [...]


B&S Logistiks' new block-train services are right on track!

In the middle of April we inaugurated the first private-sector operated lumber train service to [...]


B&S Logistics sets the signals for the future

Walter Leitgeb is preparing gradually for his withdrawal: Manuela Prenner, Gerhard Gattinger and [...]


Even faster: how we optimised a route

With the right partner you can easily achieve something new: since January 2018 our route for [...]


Right on track: Ten years of competence

Time to lean back? Only for a brief view in the reverse mirror: in October 2017, we could [...]

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Social Engagement

For us, Christmas and aid-giving are a firm tradition. Perhaps it's seeing so much of other countries, and having such a mixture of employees in our three locations, that makes us sensitive to need in the world. One cannot plan everything in life and there are more people who are affected by unfair strokes of fate than we realise. That's why our Christmas gift to our clients comes not directly, but with a share of the joy we can give people who really need support.

We have decided that the sum we spent in previous years on Christmas presents for our clients and partners, will this year be used to help people who have been through trying times.


  • The "Sterntalerhof - Association for Holistic Life Coaching" in Loipersdorf-Kitzladen is a children's hospice offering holistic, family-oriented life support. This means that, week by week, family by family, they provide a feeling of security, confidence and joy for the children and their families, who do not know how long their common tomorrows will last.
  • The Caritas House VITUS in Wimpassing an der Leitha offers a place to live, enjoy life and work in a warm and suitable environment for people with intellectual disabilities.


Our 2017 or Father Christmas called this year on two institutions giving 24-hour care. In particular to the Caritas Lerncafe with its educational support and to the Caritas Vitus House in Wimpassing an der Leitha.

Along with the recipients, we take comfort from having the opportunity to offer them some assistance, at least financially.

Spenden 2017


  • An exemplary housing project for young refugees and the homeless is currently being developed in Mattersburg.
  • Home for the Handicapped, Wimpassing. In all parts of the Home, interdisciplinary teams offer assistance and support in all aspects of daily life on a 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year basis. The specific care concept ensures that the inhabitants are all treated as individuals and the funding programs are coordinated with them.

Spenden 2016


  • The VinziRast House is a halfway-house for homeless people.
  • Wimpassing Home for the Handicapped is a permanent residence for men and women with multiple disabilities

Spenden 2015


  • CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte supports former street children, orphans and children abandoned by the parents in Rumania by providing a safe home, food and education for a better future and an independent life.
  • The Caritas Home in Wimpassing an der Leitha, Burgenland, offers work and shelter for 60 people with physical or mental disabilities.

Spenden 2014


  • The Hofer hill-farming family in Taxenbach, Salzburg, lost their father in a landslide disaster that took place in May 2013. His wife and their four children are now struggling to survive.
    Seine Frau und ihre vier Kinder kämpfen nun um ihre Existenz.
  • The Caritas Home in Wimpassing an der Leitha, Burgenland, offers work and shelter for 40 people with physical or mental disabilities.

Spenden 2013